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Squirrel Proof?

Are They Sturdy?

Cleaning And Care

Squirrel Proof ?

The very best way to keep the squirrels, raccoons, rats, and other wildlife, out of your bird feeder, is to use safflower seed, do not mix, use straight safflower, it works 95 % of the time. After a few days, you will see only birds. Continue using only safflower seed, you will love the results.

Note: For squirrels it tastes extremely bitter_

The wild birds love it,ie Cardinals,chickadees,rhens,etc. Did you know that the wild birds that we feed do not have taste buds?

Note: (I personally like squirrels).

Are they Sturdy ?

Oh yes, very sturdy. Again I live in Florida and

after 8 years I have never had my bird feeder fall

to the ground due to storms or winds up to 40 – 50

miles an hour. Not to say that a hurricane would’t sweep them down the street. Needless to say, at that point I would’t be worrying about the bird feeders falling down.

Cleaning & Care of your Bird Feeder & Bird Baths

As with any bird feeder that is exposed to the elements, over time they can get a bit messy.

To clean your bird feeder just take a sponge and wipe it clean with mild liquid soap.

Some people even take a paper towel and Windex and wipe it clean.

There is no need to take your bird feeder from it’s resting place.

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