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Below are a few examples

About Your Butterfly Feeder

The sponge that comes with your Butterfly Feeder  was harvested from the bottom floor of the Gulf of Mexico
off the  coast of a small Greek village called Tarpon  Springs located on the west coast of central  Florida.
I personally hand select, clean & sanitize  every sponge by hand.

All you need to do to attract butterflies is add a sugar
water mixture inside the container. Mix 4  parts water
 - 1 part sugar. Some folks even use  fruit punch Gatorade, either one will do just fine. You will want to boil your sugar water mixture for 3 - 5 minutes, stirring occasionally (this will break  down the granular sugar).

Add the sugar water mixture (about 1/2 cup) every  
3 - 4 days as needed, take your sponge out of the  container about once a week and rinse
it with fresh  water under your kitchen sink. If you experience any ant problems just put about 2 inches of
  petroleum jelly directly on the rod where the rod  meets the container.
We have hummingbirds that  visit our feeders as well every y
We recommend to place your butterfly feeder in a semi-shaded area

Dinner is served!






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